Waxing & Your Summer Trip: The Guide to a Perfect Hair-Free Vacay

265031Very frequently do we have clients calling to see when they should schedule their pre-vacation waxing, what they can do to get ready for it, and what not to do in order to have the best wax possible! We’ve got several tips and tricks to help you get your wax on without compromising what should be your best trip ever!

Timing: There are several factors that can affect the scheduling of your pre-vacation wax appointment. First, when are you leaving? You want to be as smooth as possible for the length of your trip, so scheduling your wax as close as possible to your expected departure can ensure that you have a hair-free trip! But, if you haven’t been waxing for at least a couple of rotations prior to your big trip, it’s always a good idea to start waxing ASAP to where you will have already gone through a few appointments; it’s common for first timers to see breakage after their first wax because the hair is brittle and isn’t used to being removed from the follicle…after a few times we’ll have gotten everything removed by the follicle completely and it will take longer to see re-growth in-between appointments. However, you DO want to give yourself at least a good 24 hours before hopping into those salty waters or sand filled beaches; Your follicles will be open for up to a full day post wax as well as your skin being increasingly sensitive for about the same amount of time so we don’t want to introduce any foreign bacteria or increase our risk of sun burn!

Pre Treatment: Your pre-vacation wax prep is pretty much the same as for your services all year round! Be sure to not shave or trim for at least two weeks prior to your appointment (we need 1/4 of an inch to wax!), pop a Tylenol or Advil about 30 minutes prior to your appointment to take the edge of, and exfoliate as much as possible leading up to your appointment!

Post Treatment: When you’re at the beach {or wherever you choose for your getaway} the last thing we want to see are irritated red bumps caused by ingrown hairs! In order to prevent those pesky suckers from popping up, pack your travel size Tend Skin {with a roll-on ball that eliminates the packing of extra cotton swabs AND is in the perfect carry-on size at 2.5 oz!}. Tend Skin is an alcohol based product that has an aspirin in it in order to eliminate bacteria and bring that ingrown hair right up to the surface! It’s for real a waxer’s lifesaver yall!! And, don’t forget to exfoliate. Exfoliating will shed all of that dead skin as well as prevent ingrown hairs giving you the smoothest wax for as long as possible.

4360529 Areas to Wax for my Trip: The most common service we see booked for the pre-vacation wax is of course the Brazilian Bikini {or any bikini services for that matter!} to get ready for all those cuuuute bathing suits! But, don’t forget the underarms, legs, or for the guys your back and/or chest!! Waxing eliminates those dark patches of skin caused by constant irritation from shaving, not to mention the convenience of not packing that razor in your already wayyy way way too heavy suitcase. But, any area that might be exposed to sand, the sun, or pool/ocean water will be better off waxed…seriously, can you imagine jumping into salt water with razor burn!? EEK!! And, even though our first thoughts may veer towards bikini services etc. for obvious reasons…don’t forget to add on those brows and even your lip and/or chin; Sunlight can highlight even the lightest of fuzz and we definitely don’t want THAT showing up in our pictures!

We’ve covered when to book your vacation waxing, how to stay smooth for your trip, and what all to consider booking. Now that you’re equipped with all of the necessary info, all that’s left is to come on in and get your pre-vacation wax on. Well, and of course to actually book the vacation (see it as the perfect reason to get waxed…nobody wants to scare those poor fish away with an unkempt underwater garden if ya know what we mean) !!