{ PLW Then & Now: A Recap of Our Last THREE Years!! }

1403133081It’s true what they say, time FLIES when you’re having fun! We just couldn’t agree more; The past three years of business have been some of the most fast-paced and exciting times for the gals here at PLW. Since Lisa Sample {Owner & Esthetician} opened the doors in June of 2011, there’s been all kinds of growth… Join us as we take a walk down memory lane!
In February of 2013, we moved to our current location…a store front space that took us from ONE service room to FOUR! In this new space, we also gained a breakroom for our staff to relax in, our own bathroom {Hallllllllelujah!}, a kitchenette area, on-site laundry facilities, a front desk and lobby area, and even an administrative office! This new space allowed us to start taking several appointments at a time, leading to the next great change….MORE PLW team members!! It’s hard to believe but both Amanda and Miranda have been on board since around the time we started at the new space…and they are both still here! That’s quite an accomplishment in the salon-world, where turnover can sometimes be high; We’re proud of our entire hand-picked team and hope they’re all here for a while!
1403133627One of the best things our new space offers is the amount of service rooms we have available each day; Because we now have four rooms, we strive to have all four staffed daily {this means you have a MUCH higher chance of snagging an appointment because we are equipped with several amazing Estheticians ready to get ya in}! Wondering what’s going on behind the closed doors of our Admin Office? Aside from browsing the latest sale at our fave stores and catching up on the latest celeb gossip, (we kid, we kid!) you might find our Operations Manager assisting our Owner in all the behind-the-scenes business dealings, or even on the hunt for our next team member! One of our fabulous Salon Coordinators will greet you at the front desk with a warm smile and a friendly “Hello!”. With our now EIGHT(and growing) team members, someone will surely be able to assist you in whatever it is you might need at PLW!
We’ve also had a chance to be part of a few fun and exciting opportunities, like shooting a commercial or two, a feature in Crave’s Flipped-It! Inspiring Stories of Sucessful Reinvention, and an article on www.goop.com ( Gwenteth Paltrow’s esteemed ecommerce site! ) as the premier waxing salon of Dallas. Along the way, we’ve accrued over 70 awesome Yelp! reviews, which has landed us in the #1 spot in Yelp’s Best of Beauty and Spas category in Plano!
1890472Most Recently, we began the start of transforming our treatment rooms! We’re starting by putting a fun accent wall in each room! (We know you’ll all agree that it’s about time we put SOMETHING on our blank walls!)

Another addition we think our clients will be excited about is our new ultra plush wax tables. Talk about comfy! Our new tables will have some pretty cool features ~ Most notably, they hold up to 400 lbs and feature an electric lift…meaning clients with disabilities or physical impairments that may otherwise prevent them from getting on or off of a high or unstable bed, can now do so with ease! We’ve always been proud to offer services to ALL clients and make them comfortable in the process; these new tables will help us take it one step further.
We’re THREE years old!

We are three years old!

We are three years old!

We can’t end this post without a massive thank you to the people who make PLW such a success . . . our loyal CLIENTS who’ve been our cheerleaders every step of the way! We appreciate all the support, encouragement and friendships that have been forged along the way! Also – our staff! Clearly, without any of our phenomenal team members, we wouldn’t have such high retention from satisfied customers singing our praises and referring everyone they know! (Who would’ve thought word-of-mouth would STILL be our strongest form of “advertising”?!)

All in all, these last three years have been nothing short of amazing! Our growth (both client and staff-wise) has far exceeded our expectations and wildest dreams; we are definitely looking forward to all that the future has in store!