Oh, The Wonders of a Good Brow!

They really are kind of funny if you think about it, brows; how just two lines of hair smack dab above your eyes can make such a big difference in your appearance is a mystery! But, whatever the reason, a perfect brow can frame your face in just the way you need! And, although it’s usually best to leave the shaping, trimming, and tinting to the professional gals at PLW, here are just a couple of tips for you to remember at home in order to maintain those lovely brows!
6746163Tweezing: Tempting as they are, sometimes picking up those tweezers can be a big No-No! And don’t feel bad, because we’ve all been there…those pesky little stragglers that start to come up right before your next appointment can really make you want to grab a pair and go to town! It’s perfectly ok to tweeze a dark one or two if you need to touch up before a big date night, but be careful about going too far into the brow line as this may put a damper on the shape you and your Esthetician have been working towards! Always remember to take a step back away from the mirror a few times when tweezing; what may look like a stray hair close up could be just a small part of the brow line that, if removed, can give you a gap! The graph here shows exactly where your brow should begin, arch, and end so it’s a great visual aid to refer to if you have any questions about where you should (or shouldn’t) be tweezing!

1396920120What should you be tweezing with? We prefer the Tweezerman Brand! Not only are they precise and come in all different tips (We have both the slanted and pointed tips in our own service rooms!) but they also come with lifetime sharpening from the manufacturer….for FREE!! {You just have to pay for shipping there, seriously!} Find these handy-dandy tweezers at your nearest Sally’s or even online through Ebay or Amazon (approx $16-$19.99).
1652095Filling Your Brows In: It may seem scary, but almost everyone needs a little color to their brow! {Ahem, come on there, Gwen. Fill ‘em in!} It doesn’t have to be anything drastic but a little color goes a long way to reach even just a bit of definition. The good news is that there really is a type of filler for everyone; whether it be a powder, a gel, a pencil, or WHATEVER…the best tip we can give is to fill your brow from the end-tip first {We like nifty brow kits that are made specifically for this! You can easily pick one up here or at your closest Sally’s beauty supply, we like the Ardel brand because it comes with two brow colors as well as a highlighter for your arch !} This is the lightest area of our brow usually, so by filling in your ends first you can blend it easier into the head (the starting point of your brown from the inner corner of your eye). Also, filling in your brows can help you refrain from tweezing when you are trying to let your brows grow in for a thicker, more natural look so it’s totally OK to draw juuuuust outside the brow line that is actually there for a fuller appearance (Hey, we all have our little tricks!)

3124005Calming the Unruly Brows: Not all of us are lucky enough to have perfectly tame brows that magically sit exactly where they should without ever sticking up or curling {or whatever bad behavior they chose!}! So, for those of us that need a little help in taming them, there are several tricks! You can easily run down to your nearest drug store or beauty supply and purchase a brow gel; You can find an affordable brand, such as Revlon’s Brow Fantasy Pencil & Gel (approx. $5-$6 at your local Target or Walmart) or you can splurge and go for something like Smashbox “Brow Tech To Go” Pencil (approx. $27 at a beauty supply like Sephora), both options are both a gel and pencil in one! Whatever you chose, brow gels are not only good for taming those wild hairs but some also assist in filling them in with color…though you can also buy a clear option! (Pssst! We like the Sephora Collection Transparent Brow Gel..it even comes in a waterproof option and will only run you about $12! Find it at your local Sephora store!)
So, there are several tricks and tips you can look to for keeping those brows nice and tidy! Whether you need just a quick clean-up with a pair of good tweezers, a little bit of color to define them, or even a little bit of gel to keep those suckers in line…we’re positive that with just a bit of practice you’re more than capable of maintaining a great set of brows right at home! As always, if you ever have any questions…feel free to give us a call, shoot us a quick email, or even stop by to ask because even though we are waxing specialists…we still love all things beauty!