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At Peace Love Wax, our staff of expertly trained Estheticians specialize exclusively in the art of hair removal via waxing. We strive to make the process as easy, comfortable and as painless as possible without sacrificing quality -- and all at an affordable price-point! {Who says you can't have it all?} Our precise technique coupled with our unique wax enables us to give our clients the optimum results and minimal irritation they're looking for. You'll notice the difference right away and continue to enjoy your results for weeks to come! We're dedicated to providing each and every client the utmost attention, courtesy, and unparalleled customer service. Come see a waxing professional: We really believe specializing makes all the difference ~

Waxing is what we do, it's ALL we do and we do it best!

Appointments are not required, but highly recommended as our schedule tends to fill up quickly! Don't hesitate, toss out that old razor and give us a call today!

Our Commitment

Lisa Sample

Lisa is the Owner and Founder of Peace Love Wax. When she started the company in 2011, her hope was to create a comfortable workplace staffed with the best-of-the-best expertly trained estheticians and support personnel. She envisioned a salon that would specialize in one thing and one thing only: WAXING, of course!

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What really makes us different? We have straight forward pricing. You will not get nickel and dimed and there are absolutely NO hidden fees. We don't do those confusing membership packages and we have no salesmen on our team. Best of all there is no tipping and we earn your service each and every visit. 

Our Commitment

 We believe if you make one specific skill your sole focus, you will become an expert at it. Specializing really does make all the difference! ~ Schedule your appointment TODAY and you’ll see exactly what we mean!

What Makes us Different?

 We take enormous pride in our work and represent the highest standards in the hair industry and are committed to delivering excellence. As industry leaders, we will bring you the highest quality service and products and always strive to be the best.

Services and Prices

Facial Services:

Lash Lift $100.00
Similar to a lash perm, this service lifts lashes upward for a doll-eyed effect. Results last up to 8 weeks! 

Brow Shaping $20.00 

Brows are artfully sculpted into shape by being waxed, tweezed & trimmed to perfection.

Lip $15.00

Upper lip (includes lower lip if needed/preferred).

Brow + Lip Wax Combo $30.00

A couple of our most popular services grouped together for a discount! Brows are artfully sculpted into shape and all hair is removed from the upper (and lower if needed) lip.

Chin $15.00

Our chin wax removes coarse unwanted hairs from below the bottom lip extending past the edge of the face, slightly onto the neck area.

Lip + Chin Combo $20.00

A couple of our most popular services grouped together for a discount!  Upper lip and chin are waxed together, saving you time and money!

Sideburns $15.00

Includes the area adjacent to ear & slightly onto cheek area.

Nose $15.00

Nose waxes remove the exposed hair from the inner rim of the nose. (Bonus: NOPE! They do not hurt…at all!)

Ears $15.00 

Our ear services remove unwanted hair from the inner ear, (only what is visibly exposed) & around the edges of the outer ear if needed.

Full Face Combo $40.00

A few of our most popular services grouped together for a discount, saving you time and money!  This combo includes lip, chin, sideburns & cheeks; excludes the brows and inner nose.

Full Face Combo + Brow Shaping $60.00

Same as the full face combo above, but with the addition of brow shaping.  Includes the brows, lip, chin, sideburns & cheeks; excludes inner nose.

Lash Tint $25.00

Vegetable based dyes are used to darken light lashes, providing deep color and added intensity.  The lighter the natural lashes, the better and more noticeable results!  Lasts up to four weeks.

Brow Tint $20.00

Vegetable based dyes are used to darken brows, giving the look of crisp definition & added fullness.  Lasts 3-4 weeks.

Lash & Brow Tint Combo $35.00

A couple of our most commonly booked-together services grouped together for a discount: saving you time and money!  Brows and lashes are both darkened with a vegetable based dye for added intensity and definition.

Brow Shaping + Brow Tint $35.00

A couple of our most popular services grouped together for a discount!  Brows are first sculpted to perfection, then tinted for extra definition.

Touchup & Add-on Services:

In-Between-I Bikini $20.00

Perfect for summer months or wax “emergencies.”  This is a quick maintenance wax that may be done between your regular appointments. Must be booked within two weeks of original regular, extended or brazilian bikini wax appointment. Removes hair from outside of panty-line only.

Underarm Touchup $10.00

This is our unique maintenance wax that keeps underarm waxing ultra affordable!  The only requirement is that it’s booked within three weeks of your last underarm appointment with us.

Inner Backside Strip $5.00

This service is already included as part of the male & female brazilian. You may add the inner backside strip onto either the regular or extended bikini wax during the time of your appointment if time permits. (Just let your esthetician know when you begin!)

Body Waxing:

Neck $15.00 

The neck wax refers to the back of the neck, below the hairline but above the back.

Shoulders $20.00

The shoulder wax refers to the ball of the shoulder, and a few inches onto the upper arm, for the most minimal line of demarcation possible.

Full Back $45.00

Our full back waxes begin at the top of the back, extend to the sides of the body equally and ends at the bottom of torso above the buttocks.

Half Back $30.00

Client may choose to wax either the upper or lower back, or alternatively, just the outer sides or the back.

Chest $50.00

The chest wax begins and the shoulders, extends to the sides of the body equally and ends at the bottom of the abdomen. 

Abdomen $20.00

The abdomen wax refers the entire stomach area from side to side.  Please note: If coming in for any of our bikini services, the single " tummy strip" just below the belly button is included free of charge if time permits. Similarly, if getting a chest wax, the abdomen is already included and does not need to be booked as a separate service.

Underarms $25.00

Underarm waxes are perfect for summer, or all year round.  Touch-up waxes are offered on this service at a major discount, as long as the follow-up wax occurs within three weeks of your last underarm wax.

Full Arms $40.00(F) - $45.00(M)

Full arm waxes cover from the top of the arm (shoulder area) all the way down to the fingers.  The knuckles are included.

Half Arms $30.00(F) - $35.00(M)

Upper or lower arms.  The upper arm wax goes from the shoulder area to elbow, while lower arm wax covers the elbow/bend of the arm down to the fingers.

Full Legs $65.00(F) - $70.00(M)

Our leg waxes begin on the upper thigh area (approximately 4” from the bikini line) all the way down to the feet & toes. Please note: The actual bikini line is not included in this service.

Half Leg $40.00(F) - $50.00(M)

Upper or lower legs; Client may choose to be waxed either from the upper thighs to knees, or from the knees down to ankles/toes.

Bikini Area Waxing:

Regular Bikini $35.00

This is our most modest/basic bikini wax which includes the outside of panty-line. (Female only.)

Extended Bikini $45.00

Our extended bikini wax leaves behind a smaller strip or triangular patch of hair across the front of pubic area; We remove more than our regular bikini wax, but less than the brazilian.  No hair is removed from the labia. (Female only.)

Brazilian Bikini $60.00

Removes all hair from labia & inner backside. Client may choose to remove all of the hair across the front, or leave small strip or triangle. (Female only.)

Buttocks $25.00

The buttocks wax refers to the full cheek area, along with the inner backside strip.

Male Brazilian Bikini $80.00

Client may choose to remove all of the hair above and around genital region or leave 

strip or triangle across the front. Our male brazilians remove all of the hair from scrotum and inner backside area.  **Please call to schedule this service, as only some of our estheticians are male brazilian certified. **

Male Full Buttocks Add-on $10.00

This service may be added on during the male brazilian service only. Removes hair from the full cheeks. (Inner backside strip is already included free of charge.)

What's  so  special  about  our  pricing?  It's  simple:



trenice square 2
Trenice Burnett

Esthetician - Plano

Samantha Wilson

Salon Coordinator - Frisco

Elise Vandeveerdonk

Esthetician - Plano

Kaylee Connelly

Operations Manager - Plano, Frisco

Destanie Square
Destanie Shannon

Salon Coordinator - Plano

Melissa Smiley

Esthetician - Plano, Frisco

Asia Adoue

Esthetician - Plano

Miranda Jones

Esthetician - Frisco

Lisa Sample

Owner | Esthetician - Plano, Frisco

Jessica Ramirez

Esthetician - Plano/Frisco

man die square 3
Mandie Craven

Salon Coordinator - Plano/Frisco

Olivia Square
Olivia Crane

Esthetician - Plano

Courtney Square
Courtney Wagnon

Esthetician - Frisco

Rainbox Cox

Salon Coordinator


For best results, four weeks is the general rule. This may vary depending on the area being waxed as well as the individual rate at which your hair grows. Over time, your hair growth will become much sparser, resulting in waxing more infrequently.

our skin may be slightly sensitive directly following your wax. The irritation most people experience will diminish after just a few hours. You should avoid sun exposure for 48 hours prior to and after waxing. Also avoid creams and lotions, as well as activities like working out, swimming, etc. To prevent ingrown hairs, gently exfoliate at least twice per week. (You can find our fave exfoliation picks here!) The most important rule of all is to NOT shave or trim between your waxing appointments!

It’s best to wait at least 2 weeks from your last shave/wax before coming in. Your hair must be at least ¼” long for the wax to adhere properly. Do not bother trimming: the longer the hair, the better your results will be! Exfoliating the area to be waxed prior to your appointment is highly recommended. Stay away from lotions or heavily fragranced oils – before AND immediately following. Also, now is a great time to take that ibuprofen or aspirin we discussed earlier!

There are many medications that can affect the integrity of your skin, thus causing your skin to lift during the hair removal process. Waxing is not advised if you are using various doctor prescribed medications, or if you have had a chemical peel, microdermabrasion or any type of laser treatment prior to your appointment. Always inform your esthetician of any/all medications that may affect your skin’s integrity so that the appropriate precautions are taken. It is also advisable to consult with your physician to inquire how your medications may affect your waxing experience.

ome people compare the sensation of waxing to ripping off a band-aid. It’s quick, and the pain is gone mere seconds after removal. Everyone has a different pain tolerance; it’s uncomfortable at worst, but definitely not unbearable. The most common reaction we hear from clients is that it’s not nearly as painful as they expected. And the best news of all is that each time you wax (provided you stay consistent) it gets easier and less painful! If you are really worried about pain, try taking an ibuprofen or aspirin around 30 minutes prior to your appointment. This will minimize discomfort.

We use three different very different–but amazing–types of wax! For all sensitive areas (i.e. face, bikini, etc.) we use a hard wax that starts in bead form, but melts down into a comfortable warm temperature and thick yet pliable consistency. When used, it adheres to the hair only (not the skin) which results in a much less painful experience!

Alternatively for more sensitive areas , such as the face, we may use a variation of hard wax known as film wax! This superior product is a bit thinner than our traditional hard wax, but still melts down at a comfortable temperature and is applied and removed much like the hard wax! The only difference is that this wax grabs all those fine, thin hairs that, on first pass with the hard wax, might try to stay put! But, we say BE GONE to those pesky stragglers with the film wax, making this wax perfect for areas like brows, lip, and more!

For larger and less sensitive areas; such as back, legs or arms, we use a gentle soft wax. Soft wax is the most common type of wax used in most salons and it is removed via cloth strips. Although we don’t find strip wax suitable for more sensitive areas, using it on larger areas makes hair removal extra speedy, so the minimal pain is extremely short lived!

Waxing is a form of hair removal that removes the entire hair from the root. If done on a consistent basis, hair will grow back slower, finer and much thinner over time. Most people find that with waxing they have less irritation and ingrown hairs than when compared to shaving. (BONUS: It lasts a whole lot longer too!)

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